Have you noticed how many ‘For Sale’ signs there are today? Does it seem like hardly any are getting sold?

Well, you are right. Selling a home with over 1000 homes on the market, and fewer than 90 actually closing each month, means a lot of inventory and tough competition!! Add to that all the new listings coming onto the market each month, selling a home can be a daunting task.

With so many homes competing for buyers, today’s home seller has to be determined and highly motivated. Following are just some of the issues that must be addressed if you are to be successful. . .

  • PRICE IT RIGHT. Pricing your home high just to see if you might get a higher offer is a waste of time. Home shoppers are savvy. They browse the internet and know what’s out there at what prices. Pricing it high will only result in buyers passing you by. And you can’t sell a house that no one’s looking at! So. Price it right from day one, and you’ll get buyers beating a path to your door.
  • FIX, REPAIR, PAINT. We all have those small repairs and projects that we’ve ignored because they just didn’t seem important. Like house trim with chipped or mildewed paint. A broken gutter. Or a front door that is weather worn. Hey! These are the sort of things people notice. What has seemed minor to you up till now, will leave a very negative overall impression on a buyer. Can you afford to lose a buyer over this minor stuff?
  • CURB APPEAL. Pull weeds and freshen up the flower beds. Edge the driveway, sidewalks and curb. You would be surprised how many buyers drive through a neighborhood and check a home off their list just by the way it looks on the outside… and likewise, sometimes they just can’t wait to see the inside because the house “…just looks so beautiful.” This is one time, appearances do matter!!
  • STAGE YOUR HOME. Step back. Take a hard look at your house. Does it look tired and outdated? How about a new bedspread and plush towels in the bath? Should you store that beat up recliner in the garage for now? And for heaven’s sake, remove the shaving cream and toothpaste from the vanity; put out a nice dish of hand soaps instead.
  • DE-CLUTTER. A buyer needs to visualize themselves living in your house. Pack up the ceramics collection. Remove the kids artwork and assortment of vacation magnets covering the refrigerator. Store kitchen appliances not in daily use (blenders, etc). You’ll be surprised how much better your kitchen looks!
  • CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN. More than ever, keep the kitchen and bathrooms spotless. People will look behind the shower curtain and open closets. If the cat’s litter box isn’t cleaned every day, they’ll notice the minute they walk in… and they may just turn and walk right back out!
  • And finally, DRESS FOR SUCCESS…your home, that is. While your home is on the market, you need to leave it every morning looking as if you are expecting company that day. If you are lucky, it may get shown, and keep in mind – you won’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

So are you feeling a little bit overwhelmed about now? Are you thinking this is going to be a lot of work?

Good. That means you are already a step ahead of your competition – those other home sellers who just don’t get it. Selling a home is tough, but you have the advantage once you start looking at your house through the eyes of a buyer.

Last but not least, you need the help of a professional real estate consultant, not just another agent who sticks a sign on the lawn. Or, as we say in the business, practices the “Three P’s” – Place a sign, Post the listing, and Pray that it sells.

When you list your home with me, I’ll provide you facts and advice you can use. I’ll create a virtual tour of your home that will be marketed on hundreds of internet sites. I’ll constantly review and keep you advised of market changes so that your listing stays IN the market, not just ON the market. And when we find your buyer, I’ll negotiate on your behalf to get you the best price and terms. . . Then monitor your sale to handle any problems that arise, and keep you updated all the way to the closing table.

Please call me at 504-451-8343 for a private consultation and advice about selling your home, or send me an email and I’ll get back in touch with you