IIncrease Credit scoref you listen to the news even once in awhile, you’ve probably heard a commentator make reference to interest rates… and how they are helping to stimulate the economy.

If the whole topic about interest rates makes you yawn, wake up!!You may be missing out on the best opportunity ever!!! Take a look at this chart.

Buying Power vs. interest RatesBuying Power vs. interest Rates

So here’s the thing. If you are paying $1500/month rent, you might be able to qualify for a $350,000 home! Or if you bought a lower priced home back when interest rates were high, now you may be able to afford that larger home you’ve always dreamed of.

Based on what we know, interest rates won’t stay this low forever. So even if you are not in the $350,000 zone, call me. I can probably find you a much niceer home than the one you are in right now – and often for very little difference in monthly payments.

I look forward to working with you –